Paintbrush Pack (5)

Paintbrush Pack (5)

£ 8.99
Set of 5 gold taklon paintbrushes. This set includes the following brushes:

3/4" Flat Taklon Nylon.
No.4 Round Taklon Nylon.
No.00000 Round Rigger/Script Taklon Nylon.
No.8 Flat Taklon Nylon.
No.3/8" Angled Flat Taklon Nylon.

These brushes are ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip on the handle. The handles themselves are made from clear acrylic. The ferules are seamless and made from zinc. They are great value for money and of a high quality.

The brushes in this set are suitable for a wide range of media including Oil,Watercolour & Acrylic.

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