Paper & Card

Paper & Card

£ Various
I stock a large range of paper and card in various sizes & colours.

Please pop in store to view the full selection of paper and card available.

Individual Sheets

A4 paper, assorted colours (5p/sheet)
A4 card 160gsm, assorted colours (10p/sheet)
A4 card 240gsm+, assorted colours (25p/sheet)
A4 patterned card (60p)

A3 white paper (10p/sheet)
A3 white card 160gsm (25p/sheet)
A3 card, assorted colours (50p/sheet)

A2 card, assorted colours (99p/sheet)


A4 white 100gsm paper (£10.99/ream of 500 sheets)
A4 white 160gsm card (£9.99/ream of 250 sheets)
A4 coloured paper (£9.99/ream of 500 sheets)
A4 coloured card (£9.99/ream of 250 sheets)
A3 white paper (£11.99/ream of 500 sheets)
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